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P50 Trailer

The P50 Trailer is the "Big Boy" of the jetting machine industry in a slim, manoeuvrable format, enabling you to access tight areas where a van wouldn't fit. This versatile mobile jetting unit is ideal for surface cleaning and anything from medium to large bore pipework, making it ideal for domestic to large commercial cleaning, including large pipework, storm drains and culverts. The P50 Trailer is available in either 4000psi @ 13gpm or 3000psi @ 17gpm. Both offer all of the fuel economy advantages of diesel.

Key features

Performance - 13gpm @ 4000 psi or 17gpm @ 3000 psi

Positive displacement triplex Ceramic plunger pump

Self-priming with oil bath splash lubrication and alloy bronze head

Anti-freeze facility providing full protection against frost damage

Pulley/timing belt reduction

Gates 8M carbon Kevlar belt

Isuzu 4LE1 4cyl Water Cooled diesel engine, with automatic shut-down on low oil pressure & high water temp

Engine features an hour counter and emergency stop button

Pump and engine assembly mounted on a sub-frame, with flexible mounts to trailer

Fitted with a 455 litre (100 gallon) fabricated polypropylene baffled water tank

Integral 25 litre anti-freeze tank and 19mm ballcock

Pressure gauge, hour counter and stainless steel diverter valve

Alco "T" Pole chassis on twin 14" wheels, with a 50mm tow hitch and full UK lighting

91 metre (300 ft) capacity high pressure delivery hose reel with hydraulic wind and rewind

Low pressure inlet hose reel

Accessories included with unit

91 metre (300 foot) high pressure delivery hose

25 metres of 19mm inlet hose

Dry-shut wash down gun with fan and straight jets

Two 1/2 inch standard drain jets

25 ft mini jet kit


Hard-wired Remote Control

Radio Controlled Remote

Please enquire for other options tailored to your requirements


Height 1200mm x Width 1260mm x Length 1550mm

Weight 700kg


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