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Custom Machines



At Robojet, we love a challenge, and our engineers have years of experience in designing and manufacturing jetting machines.  In addition to our regular machines, any of which we can bespoke for you, we are very happy to build custom machines to suit our customers' requirements.  We have included a selection of custom jetting machines and associated products that we have built for our customers, to whet your appetite.  If you need a custom jetting machine, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

West 1 Restaurants (McDonalds) Street Clean Unit

McDonalds take their environmental promises very seriously, and at every opportunity they encourage customers to dispose of litter responsibly and recycle.  To make absolutely sure that the area around McDonalds restaurants was kept clear of litter and clean, healthy and safe for the general public, they commissioned us to build a street cleaning unit.  The street cleaner had to be light and manoeuvrable enough for a member of staff to push it up the street, and sufficiently compact to avoid inconveniencing pedestrians.  We rose to the challenge, and our street cleaning units are now used at various McDonalds sites in the UK.

HM Prison Services Cushman WXi

Prison facilities tend to comprise large buildings, often spread over a wide area.  When HM Prison Services needed a way of reaching all of the drains at their sites, some of which were difficult to access, they turned to Robojet.  We designed and built an off-road buggy housing a WXi jetting machine.  The buggy was ideal for travelling quickly between prison buildings, thereby avoiding wasted time, and small enough to enable even the least accessible drains to be reached and cleaned.

Colour Scan - WX Slim Line Van Installation

WX Slim Line

Colour Scan uses large industrial cameras to survey pipework, and their cameras occupy a lot of space in their transit vans.  They needed a space-saving drain cleaning solution for their vans, and asked Robojet to help.  We designed and built a compact side-mounted unit using the same power supply and pump as a WX van pack.

BAM Nuttal (Crossrail Project) P50 Electric

BAM Nuttal was constructing a tunnel for the Crossrail project and needed a robust electric jetting machine that was capable of being lowered hundreds of feet underground.  We took on the challenge and designed and built the P50 Electric jetting machine.  This was ideal as it is a compact, high-powered water jetting machine comprising of a 50 horsepower motor and a 4000 psi at 13 gpm.

New Earth Solutions - P50 Wall Washer

New Earth Solutions process recycled and food waste into fertilizer.  It is essential that they keep their processing units clean, and with a large area to clean quickly they needed large water capacity and high flow.  We designed a trailer-mounted P50 wall washer with a removable spray boom with 10 nozzles and quick coupling to fit most plant machinery, such as a bobcat.  Carrying 2000 litres of water, this was the perfect machine for New Earth Solutions.

Dyno Rod (TVR) Van Lining and Custom Racking

Dyno Rod, the UK's best known emergency drainage and plumbing company, needed a solution to waterproof their vans and prevent germs and bacterial growth on van floors.  We lined the floors of their vans with 9mm polypropelene, fully welded together with anti-slip strips.  We designed and built heavy-duty bespoke racking which is zinc-primed and then powder-coated, then fitted waterproof and washable plastic shelves.


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